At the Archbridge Institute, we bring a fresh perspective to academic research by encouraging a multidisciplinary approach to better understand the nature of economic mobility.

We have two categories of research: Policy + Insights and Inquiry & Analysis.

Policy + Insights papers are examinations of trends, literature reviews, and shorter analyses of data and polls that attempt to unearth new possibilities and approaches to thinking about economic mobility.

Inquiry & Analysis papers are detailed examinations of data that ask new questions and approach old questions from a different perspective in order to shed light on previously unexplored factors influencing economic mobility.

Recent Studies

Policy + Insights

Director of Programs Ben Wilterdink examines recent studies on the effects of raising the minimum wage, the value of entry-level work, and trends in teenage employment, finding that raising the minimum wage has far-reaching consequences that are being overlooked in policy conversations. Read more.

Inquiry & Analysis

Over the past two decades, occupational licensing requirements have increased dramatically. Professors Edward Timmons and Brian Meehan together with researchers Andrew Meehan and John Hazenstab take a closer look at the recent  occupational licensing boom and how it might be associated with economic mobility. Read more.