The Focus of Our Research

Our multidisciplinary work focuses on researching the structural determinants of economic mobility and promoting solutions that remove barriers to individual achievement, earned success and opportunity.

Our initial research will focus on the relationships between income mobility and entrepreneurship, occupational licensing, and the sharing economy. Future issues that we plan to  target include business dynamism, rule of law, regulation, education, trade, monetary policy,  property rights and character development.

To accomplish our research objectives, we are looking to fund new research and innovative approaches that tackle various gaps in public policy research on economic mobility and its structural indicators. To propose a paper, please send a one-page proposal with a title, timeline and description of research methodology  to

Recent Reports

Barriers to Mobility: Understanding the Relationship between Growth in Occupational Licensing and Economic Mobility November 2, 2017 by archadmin - By Brian Meehan, Edward Timmons, and Andrew Meehan View the PDF of the report here. Is the American Dream still Read More
Perceptions of Rising Opportunity Across Rich Nations and Over Time July 12, 2017 by Dr. Scott Winship - Across the globe, people always seek more opportunity for themselves and for their children. The last several decades have seen Read More
Economic Mobility in America March 20, 2017 by Dr. Scott Winship - Economic mobility has become a leading policy concern across the political spectrum in America. But “opportunity” and “mobility” are elusive Read More