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Across the globe, people always seek more opportunity for themselves and for their children. The last several decades have seen a steady increase in living standards, particularly in wealthy nations—but has this translated into feelings of better opportunities for success than previous generations? Given trends in globalization, technological advancements, and recent divisive political developments, do people have hope that their children will have more opportunities to succeed than they did?

To answer these questions, and others related to attitudes regarding economic opportunity and mobility, the Archbridge Institute commissioned polling across 60 nations around the world. In Perceptions of Rising Opportunity Across Rich Nations and Over Time, Archbridge Institute Honorary Advisor Dr. Scott Winship analyzes the poll results from rich nations and compares them to historical trends. At a time when debates around income inequality and economic mobility are top priorities for policymakers, the analysis offers a window into the attitudes and expectations of absolute mobility in the United States and peer nations.

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