This article was originally published by Real Clear Politics.

For most Americans, the new year is a time to come together as families and communities.

According to a recent survey conducted by The Harris Poll and the Archbridge Institute’s Human Flourishing Lab, nine out of 10 conservatives and liberals agree the holiday season is a time to be thankful and disconnect from the negativity that surrounds them. In addition, Americans view the winter holidays as a time to focus on social connections and the things that make life meaningful. 

The American Dream should inspire similar feelings of optimism, hope, and nostalgia, as it too has the power to bring people across the political spectrum together. I say nostalgia because many people declared the death of the American Dream in recent years. But is that what the data show? What do Americans think about the state and health of the American Dream?

People across the United States share a positive and hopeful narrative about the American Dream. In 2022, most Americans said they either have achieved or are on their way to achieving the American Dream. Only a small minority, 18%, said it is out of reach. Notably, this trend was consistent across age groups, race, education, and income. Similarly, the vast majority of Americans think they have the same or more opportunities than their parents, and that their kids will have the same or more opportunities than them. Together, these findings point to a universal hopefulness around the American Dream. 

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