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Gonzalo Schwarz, President and CEO of the Archbridge Institute, has written numerous articles and op-eds in that capacity, on topics ranging from the importance of entrepreneurship and the health of the American Dream to trends in economic mobility and inequality.

In 2020, I became a proud American citizen. Native critics don’t know how good...

In today’s America it almost feels subversive to be proud of becoming — or being — a U.S. citizen. This article was originally published on USA Today. I closed out 2020 with one of the best...

Our Best Bet for Unity: Coalescing Around the American Dream

At its core, the American Dream is the vision statement for the United States. Its most common definition...

The Biden administration should prioritize growth over redistribution

As President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris prepare their agenda, dealing with the pandemic and working to rebound the economy are certain to be key priorities. However...

Achievement is Worth Celebrating

The contentious presidential campaign and other events in 2020 have thrown us back to the drawing board, so to speak, by rekindling an ideological battle between different systems like...

American Dream 2020 Snapshot

In our currently polarized country, there seem to be very few things that can bring us together. The sense of tribalism in our culture and politics has been magnified by the Coronavirus pandemic—which many of us hoped might bring a sense of unity to the country in the fight against a common enemy.

Has human ingenuity prevailed in the fight against COVID-19?

Back in March, as the COVID-19 pandemic was picking up steam in the United States, I highlighted the role that human ingenuity would play in fighting the pandemic. I suggested that we should trust the private sector and its millions of innovators. Eventually, I argued, human agency would prevail.
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