Romulo Lopez

Special Advisor to the President & CEO

Romulo Lopez is a Special Advisor to the President & CEO at the Archbridge Institute.

From an early age Romulo has been interested in the impact of freedom in the pursuit of Human Flourishing. An American citizen but originally from Ecuador, as a teenager Romulo had the opportunity to live in Hong Kong in the mid 80’s under British rule. Growing up in Ecuador and seeing up close how a lack of freedom had condemned this country to live in poverty, convinced Romulo first pursue a degree at Universidad Francisco Marroquin, and later to find a career with the think tank world promoting ideas of freedom to help people achieve their fullest potential and Human Flourishing.

He has worked in think tanks in Ecuador and until recently, Romulo had a lengthy career spanning twenty-three years in different capacities with the Atlas Network, being a Latin American senior fellow, Director of Business Operations and more recently the Director of Finance.

He has a BA in economics from Universidad Francisco Marroquin(UFM) in Guatemala and an MA in management from the ITESM Monterrey. Romulo has been a member of the Mont Pelerin Society since 2012.

He is a proud husband and father of two kids. In his spare time, Romulo enjoys reading about medieval history, current affairs, tech issues and enjoying good novels from Latin American authors, like Mario Vargas Llosa, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, and anyone from the literary boom generation of writers. In more recent years he has enjoyed traveling throughout Latin America and Spain and he loves to visit historical sites and study places he visits. He is a great fan of Hispanic culture and history.

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