Archbridge Insider April 2018

Do Higher Minimum Wages Reduce Opportunities for Long-Term Success?

In his latest report, Archbridge Director of Programs Ben Wilterdink reviews the literature and examines recent studies on the connections between minimum wage increases, the availability of entry-level work, and trends in teenage employment. He finds that the current discussions about increasing the minimum wage overlook some far-reaching consequences for individuals and their ability learn the skills needed for future economic success.

Read the Full Report: “Skill Formation and the Minimum Wage”

In The Hill, Ben summarizes his findings, noting that the current focus on STEM education does nothing to promote the accumulation of soft skills needed to compete in many fields as our economy becomes ever-more service based. On the America’s Future Foundation blog, his post gives pointers on how to gain the soft skills employers are increasingly wanting.



Mobility News

A New Study Dives Deep into Race and Economic Mobility in America
Raj Chetty and his team of economists at the Equality of Opportunity Project have released anew report on race and economic mobility, with findings that have everyone talking. Archbridge Director of Programs Ben Wilterdink discusses its key findings and some reactions from around the web in a post on Medium.



The inheritance of black poverty: It’s all about the men
Scott Winship, Richard Reeves, and Katherine Guyot have released a new report for the Brookings Institution that confirms the some of the findings about race and gender found in the recent study by Chetty and his team. They also estimate the impact of racial differences in marriage rates.



Freedom-Loving Parents Rejoice: Utah Approves Free-Range Kids Bill
Utah is the first state to pass a Free-Range Kids bill, which gives parents the freedom to give their children unsupervised time to play outside, run errands, or simply wait in the car for a few minutes. Lenore Skenazy, President of Let Grow, explains how this is a win for kids and parents.



What I’ve Learned from Jordan Peterson
Russ Roberts, host of the weekly podcast EconTalk, recently interviewed Jordan Peterson about his newly released book 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos. On Medium, Roberts discusses what he’s learned from Peterson beyond the interview.



I hope you liked this month’s Archbridge Insider. As you could tell, our Director of Programs Ben Wilterdink has had a busy few weeks with the release of our new report on the long-term impact of the minimum wage on soft skills and economic mobility. A lot has been said about raising the minimum wage from both sides of the aisle, but Ben brings a new perspective to the discussion by focusing on the effect on long-term economic success for individuals.

This month, we’re looking forward to publishing the next installment in our American Originals series on hotel magnate Conrad Hilton and releasing our follow-up report on occupational licensing and economic mobility. Stay tuned!


Gonzalo Schwarz
President and CEO

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