Inquiry & Analysis

The Inquiry & Analysis series includes detailed examinations of data that ask new questions and approach old questions from a different perspective in order to shed light on previously unexplored factors influencing economic mobility. See below for our full catalog of studies in this series.


April 10, 2018 — Is occupational licensing preventing individuals from earning more than their parents? Professors Edward Timmons and Brian Meehan together with researchers Andrew Meehan and John Hazenstab take a closer look at this question to discover how recent increases in occupational licensing requirements are associated with economic mobility. Read more.


March 20, 2017 — Economic mobility has become a leading policy concern across the political spectrum in America. But “opportunity” and “mobility” are elusive concepts. Dr. Scott Winship provides an overview of the different ways of measuring both relative and absolute mobility (i.e., movement in ranks and movement in dollars). He distinguishes between mobility indicators that assess movement in different parts of the parental and child income distributions, as well as summary measures that describe how mobility does or does not reduce childhood inequalities. Read more.